The Housing Commission is dedicated to providing a variety of rental subsidy programs to persons and families with disabilities.  Since 1995, the agency has strived to create, design and fund several programs that allowed us to be the premier provider for those with special needs.  A vital component of our overall mission is to continue to find avenues for additional programs and services.

The Housing Commission has provided this program to approximately 35 families each year.  The county receives funds under a grant that is offered to the entire metropolitan area.  This program has been extremely successful in allowing persons struggling with AIDS/HIV to find stable and suitable rental housing, and then be allowed to focus on improved or stabilized health, services and/or employment.  This program is available to persons identified by the county health department, whose head of household or spouse are diagnosed with AIDS/HIV, and are on the verge of becoming, or are, homeless.
This program is a supplemental program to the Housing Choice Voucher program that maintains a focus on persons with disabilities.  The Mainstream Housing Program mirrors the Housing Choice Voucher exactly, except for the limitation on eligibility.  Eligible applicants must be designated as a low income family, whose Head or Spouse is a person with disability.
The Housing Commission added these programs during the last few years to assist in providing rental assistance to persons with disabilities who were homeless.  This program is designed to provide assistance to applicants with disabilties who currently reside in homeless shelters, or have no permanent fixed address.