Can I operate a vehicle?
All vehicles owned by residents must be registered with the management office. They must display a valid Maryland license plate, a current HCAAC parking sticker and be in operating condition. Inoperable (not running, flat tires, etc.), or unlicensed vehicles will receive a warning notice and if not moved within the designated time, will be removed at the vehicle owner’s risk and expense. Please report abandoned or inoperative vehicle to your property manager or community safety representative right away. Automobile repairs are not permitted on Housing Commission properties.
There are no assigned parking spaces in Housing Commission communities. Parking is based on availability.
Handicapped parking spaces are clearly marked and are available in all communities for anyone with a valid handicapped license plate or hang tag. The spaces are available on a “first come, first served” basis. They are not reserved. Please be courteous and avoid parking in these spaces unless you are entitled. Applicable parking regulations will be enforced.

Motorcycles, mopeds must be parked in a designated parking space. If you park your motorcycle in front of a dumpster, on a sidewalk of leave it in a stairwell or breezeway, it will be removed at the owner’s risk and expense. Motor homes, trailers, boats, commercial vehicles, etc. cannot be parked on Commission property.

Guests must observe parking rules and regulations. Please ensure that your visitors park only in designated spaces.

Remember: Housing Commission roads and streets are private property.

However, posted speed signs are applicable and will be enforced.