In accordance with the Dwelling Lease, residents are to make no alterations, repairs, or redecorations to the interior of the dwelling unit.

What can I do to decorate my home?
We encourage you to make your home your own, but there are a few guidelines that you must follow to abide by your Lease.  Remember that you will be responsible for any damages beyond normal wear and tear. Here are a few tips to avoid charges:

Pictures and paintings are a nice touch as long as they are hung with fasteners or hangers that will not cause damage to the walls. Small nails are permitted.
Wall border can only be used if it is tacked up in a way that won’t damage the wall.  Glues and other adhesives are not permitted.
Carpeting or rugs are permitted as long as it is not permanent and does not damage the current floor in your home.
Major appliances are not permitted in your home without the advance written consent of the Commission.
Additional doors, cabinets, shelves or locks cannot be installed.
Wallpaper is not permitted.
Painting is not permitted.
What are the guidelines to decorating the outside of my home?
You may have small plants and flowers right outside your home or apartment window if they are planted in the mulched area only.  Planting in the grassy areas is prohibited.

Although, lawn ornaments add a special touch they are not permitted in order to avoid unexpected circumstances.

Barbeque grills are welcome only for those in town homes and must be covered when not in use.  The charcoal must be disposed in a proper manner after each use. Gas grills are strictly prohibited.

The Commission will maintain the trimming of the grass and shrubs. It is your responsibility to keep your areas clean and litter free.

Residents may not store anything outside the apartment or town home doors.  Only patio furniture can be stored on patios or balconies, additional items may be removed and the resident charged.

Please refer to your Lease Agreement or your Property Manager if you have any questions concerning these guidelines.