1710 Meade Village Circle Road
Severn, MD 21144

Welcome to Meade Village, cited by the Governor in 1995 as one of the top 10 neighborhoods in the State of Maryland. Nestled in rural Severn, it boasts beautiful trees, hills and grassy expanses for outdoor recreation.

This quaint community is composed of 200 units ranging from 1 bedroom apartments to 6 bedroom townhouses. Our homes provide spacious and comfortable living accommodations for all.

At Meade Village, children of all ages enjoy the fun and positive benefits of structured and well supervised activities. Adults enjoy the quiet country atmosphere. All of our residences have newly installed central air conditioning and high efficiency gas furnaces.

Be a part of Meade Village, where comfort and convenience are foremost.

Activities and Programs
Meade Village youths are invited to go to the Recreation Center for the programs and activities offered by the Anne Arundel County Parks and Recreation Department and the splendid Meade Village Boys & Girls Club. Supervised activities include arts and crafts, such as painting, jewelry making and clay statuary; outings around the county; and special treats such as exercise classes, swimming, bowling and parties!

The program also gives parents the opportunity to socialize with neighbors, make new friends and renew old acquaintances. For more information call Recreation and Parks at 410-222-6659 or the Boys and Girls Club at 410-551-4927.

The Human Services Department of the HCAAC is also available on site to assist residents with a variety of needed services to enhance their quality of life. A full staff of social workers, assistants, and community safety are actively involved in supportive services ranging from homemaker classes, budgeting, and referring residents to the appropriate social service agency in the area, if necessary. If you would like more information please contact the management office at 410-222-6241.

Meade Village is the Housing Commission’s largest family community and we have some pretty exciting things going on.  Meade Village gears a lot of it’s energy toward the children…. considering we have over 400 children.  There is a Boys and Girls Club located on the property, they provide homework help, sports, fun with crafts and a great place for the children to keep busy.  They also have a Summer Camp to keep the kids active while school is out for the summer.  There is a Head Start located on the property that helps our working parents with a safe and great place for daycare and educational needs for our “little ones”.

The Resident Council along with many partners provides a Community Day each summer and parties for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.  Meade also boasts Unique Marching Band which introduces the kids to music, dance and being a team player.  The old saying…. “It takes a village to raise is child”, is so true and practiced everyday at Meade Village.  We concentrate on community togetherness and keeping the kids involved and safe!

Of course, none of this is possible without parent involvement.  The Housing Commission encourages parents to be involved in school and extracurricular activites with their children.  We are all aware that children tend to get in the most trouble when they are bored are “don’t have anything to do”.  This is why we offer so many opportunities for the kids at Meade Village!