The Housing Commission has family communities located throughout Anne Arundel County.

Each one of our family communities are geared towards low income families that wish to live in a secure and safe area, with other children nearby, good schools in the area, and a community that meets their needs socially, as well as economically.  These communities are near shopping areas, public transportation stops, and business districts; all have an emphasis on value and quality in the area for living accommodations, clean and well-kept grounds, recreation, and community involvement.  Each one meets or exceeds our community quality standards for comfort, convenience, and affordability, and maintains the same guidelines that we at HCAAC endorse in treating recipients with dignity and fairness, as well as without discrimination of race, color, sex, disability, familial culture, or age, as outlined under the Equal Opportunity Housing Act.

Listed below is information on each of those family developments.
Oakleaf Villas
Meade Village
Freetown Village