It is no secret that we value our children.  In an effort to continue to support the children in our HCAAC communities, we offer direct contact to the following clubs and organizations: Boys & Girls Clubs An increasing number of children are at home with no adult supervision and our children need to know that there is a place to go where someone cares about them.  That is where the Boys and Girls clubs come in.  Located in Meade and Freetown Villages, the Boys & Girls Clubs offer various programs that address today’s most pressing youth issues including: alcohol and drug prevention; teen pregnancy prevention; education, careers and athletics.  Additionally, the Clubs offer computer labs, book clubs, homework assistance and social activities.  Sound like something you want your children involved with?  Contact us for information on how to get your children enrolled today. Keystone Group Computer Lab Book Clubs Homework Assistance Summer Camps Sport League Social Activities Early Enrichment Program for Young Children The Head-Start Program is provided in support for preparing parents and children for the school years. The program encourages parents to be active participants in their child’s life-long learning process. This program is offered at Freetown and Meade Villages.  The programs services include: Goal -Oriented Curriculum; Language-Centered Programs; Gross and fine motor skills; Multi-Choice Activities; Sensory areas-Quiet and Activity; Outdoor and Indoor activity arrears; Quiet Area and Focus on self-esteem.  Additional special services include nutritious menus, Field trips and transportation to and from field trips. Goal -Oriented Curriculum Language-Centered Programs Gross and fine motor skills Multi-Choice Activities Sensory areas-Quiet and Activity Outdoor and Indoor activity arrears Quiet Area Focus on self-esteem Special Services Nutritious menus- to provide a significant portion of the children’s daily needs Field trips Transportation to and from field trips