The Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County established the Choices Self Sufficiency Program as a result of grant monies received from Anne Arundel County in 2016.

The goal of the Choices Self Sufficiency Program is to provide very low income families assistance in becoming economically and socially self-sufficient. Families are provided intensive case management and other services such as tuition and vocational assistance, relocation guidance, and GED financial assistance. The program supports and motivates residents to increase their income and allow them the opportunity to save for homeownership opportunities or to move to market rate housing.

The program will also provide relocation services to clients by educating them about housing opportunities, alternatives, right and responsibilities. A Relocation specialist will develop a housing search plan including assessing the schooling needs of children in the family and attempting to refer families to housing in areas where needs are best met. They will make referrals to needed resources to help remove barriers to obtaining housing.

The program will be available for both the Housing Choice Voucher and Public Housing Programs.

Families will be required to sign a contract ranging from one to three years based upon their goals for self-sufficiency services. Relocation services will be provided on an as needed basis.

Family Self Sufficiency Program – Information You Need to Know!


The Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) program was designed to help individuals with Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV), formerly Section 8, and Public Housing residents to achieve self-chosen goals that will help them to support themselves with decreasing dependence upon public services.  The HCAAC helps participants of the FSS program to achieve these goals.

HCAACs FSS program can help your family in many ways, here are the most popular:

Job Training/Employment Counseling
Increased Education
Substance/Alcohol abuse treatment/counseling
Child Care Assistance
Enhanced Quality of Life
Homeownership Counseling
Credit Counseling
Money Management
Self Esteem
Cash Reward via Escrow Account*
* The escrow account is established when the participant’s rent increases because of an increase in their EARNED INCOME (Increased Employment Earnings Only).  The escrow account accrues interest, and is maintained by the Housing Commission until the participant has successfully completed their contracted goals of participation.

To become an FSS participant you must first, and most importantly,  have determination and a willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals.  Then take these steps:

Step 1 – Attend an FSS Orientation
Step 2 – Submit a FSS Survey, Application, and Sign a Contract of Participation
Step 3 – Develop and Accomplish the Goals of an Individual Training and Services Plan
Step 4 – Maintain frequent contact with your FSS coordinator and give updates on your progress
Step 5 – Graduation – At this point, any escrow money you would have earned will be dispersed to you.,

HCV Homeownership Program FAQ

The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV), formerly Section 8, Homeownership Program provides low families, who are current voucher holders, the ability to expand their housing opportunities beyond the rental market and use their assistance to purchase homes in the communities of their choice.

The program provides potential homebuyers with assistance towards the repayment of a mortgage loan for a maximum period of 15 years. All participating families must meet the HUD established requirements for admission and participation in the Housing Choice Voucher Rental Program prior to exercising the homeownership option as well as meet all regulatory and discretionary program requirements as set forth by HUD and HCAAC.

The steps to achieving homeownership through HCAAC’s HCV voucher program are as follows:

Decide to become a homeowner

Successfully complete the HCAAS Family Self Sufficiency Program and indicate the pursuit of homeownership as one of your final goals. (Disabled and elderly families are exempt from this step)

Complete Homeownership Counseling.
Obtain financing.
Enter into a contract of sale on your home of choice.
HCAAC will conduct a HQS Inspection.
Conduct an independent Inspection.
Settle on property.
Move In.

The HCV FSS Manager will assist you during all of these steps to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Families have the right to select the Realtor, Lender, and Title Company of their choice. However, the FSS manager may make recommendations based on previous experiences with real estate professionals.