What can I do if I am over the income limits for HCAAC programs?
There are other affordable housing communities that have different income requirements. Please look into those resources also using this LINK.  Note: Once on the page, scroll midway down the page and find the chart labeled “Federally Assisted Units By Property” and click on the community name to see more detailed information on eligibility, location and how to apply.

What should I do if I have a problem with my landlord?
For Section 8 tenants, the problem should be handled by giving your landlord something in writing detailing your concern and providing your section 8 coordinator with a copy also. If you are not in one of the HCAAC programs, you are encouraged to contact Baltimore Neighborhoods, Inc. or the Legal Aid Bureau. 

My need for housing is critical and my number is very high on the list, what am I to do?
The Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County endeavors to provide housing to as many applicants as possible with the resources allotted to us. With the funding and housing that is available we are limited as are many agencies. We encourage you to seek other resources for the well being of yourself and family members if you have them.

Why do vouchers take so long to get?
The process is not necessarily long but thorough to make sure we follow the guidelines and regulations as required by the Housing and Urban Development (HUD). 

Why aren’t there more Public Housing buildings?
Just like any type of construction, there are zoning processes and boundaries that prohibit building as well as available financial capital. The Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County is always seeking to acquire property that is feasible for housing opportunities. 

Do you have a building for disabled people?
Not a dedicated building, but all Public Housing Communities have handicapped accessible units. 

What can be done to move me to the top of the list?
There are no means either by The Housing Commission or any source to move anyone to the top of the list. 

Where can I get help for an eviction/or security deposit assistance?
There are a few organizations that we can refer you to: Social Services, Community Action Agency, Salvation Army, SPAN – Severna Park Assistance Network. 

Can my voucher be moved to another city/state and how long does it take?
Yes. Upon receiving your written request we will process your information and have it sent out to the receiving housing authority in 7-10 business days. If the receiving housing authority is billing and the payment standard is higher than ours, we reserve the right to not port you to that jurisdiction.

If I take someone off my voucher, can they go back on? 
Yes, they will be allowed to go back on if they are under 18.