At the Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County, we value our Board of Commissioners and the important role they play in the mission and vision of the agency.  Their insight is pertinent in guiding the agency’s short and long term plans.  Their steadfast dedication keeps us sharply focused on our commitment to affordable housing and service.


Our Board of Commissioner members include:

Danny Boyd, Chair

Sandra Ervin, Vice Chair

William Utz

Beryle Downs

Gerald Benoit

Peter Smith

Carrie Blackburn Riley, Legal Counsel

Reno & Cavanaugh, Development Counsel

Board Full crop- 2019


The Board of Commissioners plays a crucial role in the community, and they have many responsibilities that include:

  • Determining the needs of the community as a whole, the service needs of the residents, and the resources already available in the community
  • Assessing the specific skills, abilities and needs of public housing residents and their particular areas of interest in community service, education, training and job opportunities.
  • Partnering in the planning process for community service with the public housing authority staff and public housing residents
  • Developing relationships and creating partnerships that increase the impact of individual organizations, develop new leaders, build an ongoing power base, increase sustainability, and broaden the scope of programs
  • Organizing community service programs and activities
  • Participant Development and Support
  • Developing and Assessing Annual Objectives
  • Providing systems for tracking progress toward annual objectives and collecting descriptive and demographic data
  • Developing and abiding by the Missions and Goals of the PHA plan and the Agency

The Board of Commissioners is made up of outstanding citizens who have proven to be leaders and patrons of our community, with the dedication, skills, and ability to provide the best possible solutions to the current issues regarding public housing, and develop the Agency Plan to meet the housing needs of Anne Arundel County residents making wise use of the funding provided to the programs, as well as expanding those programs to further the development of the community.

The members of the Housing Commission meet the 4th Monday in January and February and the 3rd Monday of the remaining months (excluding May and October) at 11:00AM virtually using the Zoom platform.